BIO Videos

This is a series of Facebook Lives I did in 2017/2018 as I was developing BIO. Videos document & explore the development of BIO, the BIO sculpture creation process, and include some of what came up for me and my clients* during our explorations together. This video library is a work in progress as I convert everything from FB to YouTube. All of these videos can also be accessed directly on YouTube HERE. You can also ADD & FOLLOW ME on Facebook.

*New FB Live series starting in Fall 2019

**All client stories are shared with permission.

August 2017 This was my first ever FB Live video about BIO! This video introduces the whys and whats behind BIO and calls for those interested in developing the project.
September 2017 Some thoughts after my first Beta BIO session.


October 2017 Finishing off a day of art-ing with a slightly ramble-y life and B/I/O update for my fellow night owls (and everyone else whenever you see this).
Some thoughts on #metoo a
October 2017 More reflections on #metoo - finding my voice, forgiveness, and how changing our internal voices/stories can change our world. This is one of the big whys behind #bodyimageobject.
Vulnerability, integration and expectations vs. observations. #bodyimageobject
November 2017 Food! Love it? Hate it? Phobias? Favorites? How does your relationship with food feed into your body story? #bodyimageobject
Fear. Sitting with it. Moving through it. Loving and forgiving it.
Joy & Pleasure - what ignites it in you? What experiences ground you happily in the moment you are in?
Time - how are you spending it? What do you think about it?
Breaking through blocks. Killing your babies (not actual children). And figuring out what actually works in this moment. #bodyimageobject #artlife
Bodies are amazing! Let's move them ;)