“I was fortunate to have Jessica do a Reiki session after I had a medical procedure done. After she was done I just felt so calm and relaxed, the stress of the day’s events in my mind and in my body melted away. I was able to sleep really soundly after. It was great and I was so glad to have had it done!”

“I suffer from chronic headaches that normally require heavy duty meds to treat. I had a session with Jessi when I was in the middle of one and by the end of the session the headache was gone and stayed gone. No medication required.”

“After sleeping badly for several nights I had a distance Reiki session with Jessi. I finished very relaxed and slept well that night for 9 uninterrupted hours!”

“Jessi and her Reiki are amazing. She’s really intuitive and by the end of my treatment I felt completely calm and in my body.”

“While at a retreat recently I was suffering from a TMJ induced migraine which was making it difficult to focus on the work we were doing. Jessi offered to do Reiki on me. She placed her hands on my head and then moved to my jaw. She was not aware that the migraine was due to the TMJ, but she focused right in on that area. Her gentle loving touch relaxed me and within minutes I could feel her pulling the pain out of my jaw and the migraine melted away. I slept so well that night and was ready to go the next day.”