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Reiki is a core component of BIO and of my personal practice. In my experience, Reiki has the unique ability to ground, center, and relax you into your body, mind, and spirit in a very practical - literally “hands on” - way. Regular treatments and/or practice lead to a more balanced, connected life on all levels. I have experienced and witnessed many “Reiki miracles” over the past few years - from remarkable physical recoveries, to the relief decreased stress and greater relaxation bring to day-to-day life, to profound spiritual awakening. Reiki gives many gifts that all boil down to love - a feeling of being deeply loved, supported, and cared for - which we all long for. There are many practical and medical benefits to Reiki (which I have listed below) but it is this sense of love and connectivity that is, to my mind, its greatest gift.

I am a certified and insured Reiki Master in the Usui/Holy Fire III System of Natural Healing. I  offer individual sessions, group Reiki Experiences, Reiki Level 1 training, and corporate packages for relaxation & stress relief.  I started receiving Reiki treatments after surgery and the loss of my father in 2016 and discovered its gentle yet powerful healing capacity. I sought to learn Reiki for my own self-treatment, but quickly discovered the joy of sharing Reiki with others. Seeing how much deep relaxation, physical and emotional pain relief, and improved sense of well-being everyone I worked with experienced during and after Reiki sessions, I decided to make it part of my career and have integrated it into almost everything I do.  The “Reiki miracles” that have happened to me and my clients - including stopping migraines previously only controlled by medication, the relief of chronic pain, and release of emotional distress, amongst others - encourage me to continue offering this practice to as many people as possible.

What is Reiki?

- Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress-reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

- Reiki treatment, which is usually facilitated by light touch (but does not require it), typically brings rapid stress reduction and relief from pain and anxiety. 

-Reiki supports well-being and strengthens our natural ability to heal by encouraging balance.

-Over 800 hospitals nationwide - including major NYC hospitals such as Mount Sinai Beth-Israel, MSKCC, and New York-Presbyterian - use Reiki to help patients relieve stress, alleviate pain, and decrease discomfort.

Commonly reported benefits of Reiki include:

-reduced anxiety 

-reduced pain

-enhanced well-being

-improved sleep

-improved focus & memory

-improved digestion

Reiki Offerings


TEA & REIKI SESSION ($160 - 2 hour session)

This is a full, in-person Reiki session. We’ll meet over tea to have a conversation about how you are doing on all levels of being and what you are seeking help in healing/relieving. Then lie back and relax into an 1.5 long Reiki Session.

Email me at to schedule your session.

DISTANCE REIKI ($75 - 1 hour session)

This is an hour long distance Reiki session conducted over Zoom. Session includes the 15 minutes of talk time to assess and focus on what you wish to start healing/releasing during the session and then a personalized, 45-minute guided meditation and Reiki energy transference.


REIKI CUDDLE SESSIONS ($80 - 1 hour session)

Do you struggle with Insomnia? Whirly-gig of doom thoughts keeping you up? Counting to-do’s instead of sheep? Does chronic physical or emotional pain that intensifies at night and keeps you from sleep? I can help with a REIKI CUDDLE SESSION. Snuggle up in bed with your favorite PJs and a hot beverage and join me on Zoom for a chance to release your woes and get enfolded in a Reiki Cuddle.

Reiki Cuddle Sessions include:

* 15-30 minutes of talk time - we’ll use this time to explore what’s keeping you awake physically, mentally, and emotionally.

* A 30-45 minute guided meditation infused with Reiki energy created just for you to help you to relax and surrender to sleep.

* An audio file of your Reiki Cuddle Meditation will be sent to you within 24 hours so you may use it whenever you have need.



EXPERIENCE REIKI ($25 per person - 1.5 hour group session - live and virtual sessions available)

Curious about Reiki? Want to learn what it is, where it came from,  and how it feels? Then this experience is for you. Experience Reiki with ease from the comfort of your own home. 

Virtual sessions can be booked HERE

Email me at to schedule a live session.

REIKI CUDDLE HUDDLE ($25 per person - - 1.5 hour group session - virtual sessions available)

Put on your PJs, snuggle into bed, connect w/others looking for insomnia relief, and then unwind with a guided Reiki meditation for relaxation and sleep. This is the group version of the Reiki Cuddle.

Book HERE or email to schedule a session for your group.

LEVEL 1 REIKI TRAINING (1 or 2 day classes available - 4 person minimum enrollment)

Want to lean Reiki for self-care and to help those you love? This is the class for you. During this two day class you will:

  • Learn the history of Reiki and Reiki ideals;

  • Learn Reiki techniques - both traditional Japanese and Western adaptations - including Gassho meditation, Byosen Scanning, how to conduct and document full Reiki treatments, and more;

  • Receive your Level One placements in the Usui/Holy Fire III tradition;

  • 4-6 hours of hands on practice as both giver and reciever;

  • Receive Reiki Level One Certification upon completion.

Email me at to discuss scheduling and pricing for your group.

CORPORATE REIKI DAYS (1/2 or full days available)

Corporate Reiki Days give your employees the gift of 30 minute Reiki sessions for stress-reduction* and relaxation. These sessions can be given sitting or lying down, at an employee’s desk, or in a conference room or other space dedicated to the treatments for the day. If desired, a group introduction to Reiki and guided meditation can be included prior to employees signing up for their treatments. Please see the attached presentation for more information. Demonstrations and Q & A session are also available for decision makers. I am happy to discuss ways to tailor my services to fit your unique work environment.

Email Jessi at for packages and pricing

*A 2013 survey by APA's Center for Organizational Excellence found that job-related stress is a serious issue. More than one-third of working Americans reported experiencing chronic work stress and just 36 percent said their organizations provide sufficient resources to help them manage that stress. With healthcare costs skyrocketing, your physical and mental well-being - especially at work - is essential your success and the success of your company. While each person experiences Reiki differently, most people report feeling calmer and more relaxed - even in one session. Repeated sessions increase the ability to relax at will.