Body/Image/Object (BIO) PROJECT (2 month, one-on-one, intensive practice - live and virtual sessions)

Project (noun): an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.

Project (verb): 1.estimate or forecast (something) on the basis of present trends. 2. extend outward beyond something else

The Body/Image/Object (BIO) Project is both very simple and infinitely complex - it is a way for women to embrace and embody radical self-love and acceptance through a mix of auto-biographical storytelling, sacred art making, energy work, shadow work, emotional allowance, and physical/mental/emotional joy practice.

BIO Projects start and end with two day intensive, live retreat sessions. The first retreat is deep dive into your personal history & the beginning of the BIO Sculpture creation process that include long-form conversation sessions, body casting, and Reiki.

This initiation is followed by 2 months of weekly sessions which focus on the main stories that you would like to heal and/or shift perspective on. These coaching sessions combine Reiki with a mix of physical, mental, and creative practices to release the old stories and create new ones. Each week will focus on a specific story and the emotions and habits surrounding it and developing and practicing ways to both allow and transform them.

At the end of our time together, there will be a closing retreat day where you will participate in and receive the following:

  • Reiki Level 1 training and certification for self-care;

  • A closing conversation to review the past 2 months and plan for the future;

  • A PDF booklet with all of the personalized practices and rituals developed over our time together;

  • A copy of our initial conversation - your first body autobiography - in digital format;

  • Updates on your sculpture (sculptures can take up to a year to complete - there are monthly check-ins to see how you are until they are delivered).

To begin your BIO Project, please sign up for a:

BIO Intro & Energy Balancing Session (90 Minutes - Virtual Session)

Interested in the full BIO Program but unsure if it’s the right thing for you? Want to get a taste of what it is to work with me? Have questions? If the answer to any of these questions is “YES!” then sign up HERE for a free BIO Intro and Energy Balancing Session. These sessions give you a feel for what the weekly BIO sessions are like and allow you to ask questions of me and of yourself to see if BIO is right for you. Session includes and hour of exploration and Q & A time and a 30 minute personalized BIO Reiki Balancing session. One session per person. (Don’t see a time that works for you? CONTACT ME to schedule your session.)

BIO Circles (120 minutes - Virtual & In-person sessions available)

BIO Circles are a ritual space for small groups of women to come together to learn physical embodiment and energetic practices to help allow, release, focus, and transform emotional energy individually and collectively. Each circle in the series will focus on a particular emotion - in particular the often overwhelming or difficult to process emotions such as anger, grief, fear, and loneliness. You can then take these tools and practices into your day-to-day lives to help maintain emotional equilibrium. Your RAGE, your FEAR, your GRIEF are here to help you. BIO Circles will show you how to use your BODY to channel your emotions. To release the IMAGES of what you fear. So you can focus on your true OBJECTIVES.

Upcoming BIO Circle events are announced on my Events page and Facebook. BIO Circle events can also be scheduled and tailored to your organization, community, or family/friend circle. CONTACT ME to discuss how to bring BIO Circles to you.

BIO WORKSHOPS (1-day, 2-day, and weekly workshops available - Live event)

Body/Image/Object (BIO) is a space for women to embrace stories about their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Participants will learn techniques in 2D or 3D mixed-media collage for autobiographical storytelling, how to be loving witnesses to themselves and others & pathways toward emotional embodiment of their own stories.


  • Mixed-media art techniques (drawing, painting, collage, etc) for emotional release & auto-biographical storytelling

  • How to express and pass through their emotions using movement exercises

  • Guided Reiki meditation for relaxation and stress-relief

  • How to be a loving witness to yourself and others

Upcoming BIO Workshops are announced on my Events page and Facebook. BIO Workshops can also be scheduled and tailored to your organization, community, or family/friend circle. CONTACT ME to discuss how to bring BIO Workshops to you.